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To know more about Be Group for e-marketing.

It is the most fast growing E-marketing and web design Company, managed to approve its success in internet solutions field in a short period of time. Only in five years, Be Group managed to overcome the similarity in E-marketing and web design field by the following three elements:

Innovative team:

Team work in be Group has a love of creativity and innovation, there is no tradition to others.

Dedicated team:

We have all disciplines Everyone in our company has its own work and that makes it serves his best

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2009 was the beginning of of our company in marketing, from the moment of start-up company showed creativity and sophistication in marketing and Internet unless other shows and also in the field of Web design and development, and the company changed from being a company with creativity at a general level to a myriad of marketing services and the Internet has spread quickly in some States, including Egypt and Saudi Arabia. One of the basics of ‘my group’ the belief that each day is different from the past is always so interested in being our outputs best output in the area of e-marketing through innovative team work in a cooperative environment. future objectives we achieved all customer wishes and more. My Group Panel component from the best experts in the field of online marketing focus is always on customer requirement study of the services it offers to other useful marketing consultancy for access to the largest electronic marketing campaign successful and unprecedented.

What you add here my group company?

The basics that built the company are reliability and timeliness and credibility is our motto since the first moment of the creation of this company and timeliness is the basis for dealing with the company, we deal with all means to relieve client and features

Be 4 E.Marketing mission!

To give a trusted E-marketing process for our clients both Egyptian and Saudi companies to e-market their products and services locally and internationally in addition to socializing their existing.

Be 4 E.Marketing vision!

To get entrepreneurship in the field of digital marketing.

Social Media

We will make you continue with the public rapidly through networks of social communication. 


A process influence the appearance of a website or Web page in search engine results (unpaid).

Google Ad words

we put you in front of the customer directly during his search for theme on Google .

Mobile Apps

we offer many services regarding mobile such as: Apple ios, Android, blackberry, windows mobile.

Web Site

We have the best Web designers to design a unique site offering him your product in a way that attracts attention.

E-Mail Marketing

We write attention-grabbing marketing formats to whatever product to reach your customers and audience.

Media Production

With be group can build entity for yourself, you can make all your customers are blinkered by your business through video clips and other.


Company team creates a design your own brand make you a trusted client.

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